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  1. Merry Christmas Johnathan, best wishes.
  2. I shall translate that to mean you refuse to wax ignorant on the subject anymore, good for you.
  3. Still waiting for you to elaborate on the expansion of "Terry".
  4. Johnathan, would you be interested in dating my buddy blueeagle?
  5. You are just being silly, the mind of a three year old can neither form nor comprehend criminal intent. Read what you are writing Ash, I'm embarassed for you, and deeply saddened that someone so intelligent could say such senseless things.
  6. Think I'd rather take my chances at disarming the child.
  7. Tell me the part about offing a 3yo was a joke, you sounded serious.
  8. Well, I'm glad that I could send someone rushing to a dictionary. It's been a lifelong goal of mine.
  9. Hey, how you doing? My user id got real jacked up, I transpoed the digits and reincarnated myself.

    "Vouchsafed", Damn, I had to look that one up in Websters
  10. I'm able to post still. Are you able to see my posts now? Sent a pm to blueeagle, he was logged in and did not respond. Very unusual
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