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  1. hey ashman! Whats up? Were any good threads made in my absence
  2. Hey assman!
  3. Why don't you post a joke in my thread?
  4. Hey Ashman! Got a boyfriend yet? My cousin steve is available
  5. Dude, it's ok! Roger is a nice guy! Y'all started out as friends! Don't let this legal crap ruin a good friendship.
  6. Ashman, I've noticed you seem angry lately. Is everything alright?
  7. Hell no! I don't go that way!!!
  8. Hey! Ashman, are you interested in dating my cousin steve?
  9. hey johnny! Still working on those Ph'd? I've noticed you're online 24/7. Do you even have a job? Must be nice to be a lazy bum...
  10. Whats TBC? I've heard of TBN...
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