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  1. Sooooo, did you Marry her?
  2. hey man! WHats up
  3. Ive been around! I'm doin good
  4. Hey buddy, where ya been, and how you doin'?
  5. hey asshole
  6. hey roger! hows your cafes?
  7. ever kick that mayors ass? lol
  8. Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. hows your mayor doin?
  10. My dad was watchin the news one day about some hot 25 year old teacher who slept with her 16 year old student. He called me up and said, "Robert! Turn on the news! They have a purdy teacher on there who got arrested for screwin her student!" He then went on to mention how he would gladly trade MY right arm to be 15 again...

    I miss that old man.
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