Disability Evaluation: Psychology and Mental Health Expert Witness Directory

Providing diagnostic, forensic and expert witness services relating to toxicology and neurotoxicology since 1983.

Board certified forensic psychiatrist focusing on emotional distress, pain, undue influence, testamentary capacity and employment litigation.

Board-certified practicing pediatrician, experienced in matters including infectious disease, adolescent medicine, sports and learning disabilities.

Behavioral and social science expertise in the fields of mental health, community mental health, managed care and developmental disabilities.

Expert in geriatric psychiatry and neurobehavior, with a focus on issues of mental capacity and competency, quality of care, and financial abuse.

Forensic psychiatrist providing consultation and expert witness services for matters including psychiatric damages, disability and mental competency.

Providing expert witness services for to standard of care issues in health, education and human service agencies, with a focus on mental retardation.

Extensive forensic psychology experience, providing consultants to attorneys, federal and local governments, and health management companies.

Board certified forensic psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry who treats death row and ad seg offenders.