Automotive: Product Liability Expert Witness Directory

Experts for traffic accident reconstruction, vehicle defects, events data recorders, product liability and traffic stops.

Consultation and expert testimony for complex engineering incidents, including accidents, explosions and product failures.

Specializing in petroleum products and related technologies, their performance and specification requirements, and storage.

Interdisciplinary testing company, providing technical evaluations, scientific analysis, expert testimony and preparation of cases for trial.

Forensic evaluations and expert testimony for industrial and consumer product failures and injuries, including appliances, firearms and vehicles.

Experienced expert witness for cases involving motor vehicles, transportation and product failures, including engines, braking and electrical systems.

Providing litigation support and expert testimony for failure analysis and product liability litigation relating to metals and polymers.

Extensive experience solving complex engineering, materials testing and technical problems across industries and applications.

Experienced litigation consultant and testifying expert, former CEO of US–based design and manufacturing companies. Highly technical, 62 patents.