Patents: Intellectual Property Expert Witness Directory

Marketing and business economist expert provding testimony and opinions relating to business and marketing operations and intellectual property.

Engineer, focusing on the analysis and reconstruction of accidents involving airplanes, helicopters, automobiles, and Segways, and patent issues.

Specializing in economic damages calculations and economic expert witness testimony for attorneys throughout the country.

Services for IP evaluation, product development, digital audio, signal processing, test and measurement, psychoacoustics. Holder of 24 patents.

Services for patent, civil and criminal cases. Masters in engineering, patent holder, and C-level executive in technical and business matters.

Experienced litigation consultant and testifying expert, former CEO of US–based design and manufacturing companies. Highly technical, 62 patents.

Expertise in plastic packaging design, manufacture, testing, and failure analysis, for matters including product failure, licensing and patents.

Ph.D. chemist specializing in analytical and solid state chemistry, and recognized by the courts as an expert in analytical chemistry.

Market research surveys related to consumer perceptions, behaviors and experiences in trademark, deceptive advertising, patent damages, class actions.

More than forty years of fenestration experience in all areas of the door, window and sunroom industries, including patents and product liability.

Computer expert, based in the U.K. offering services for matters including computer technology and patents, contracts, telecommunications, and crime.

Head of a network of experts providing consultation and testimony for virtually any issue in technology-related intellectual property disputes.

Providing design reviews and expert testimony, safety and hazard analysis, engineering risk assessments, inspections, auditing and failure analysis.

Consultant, experienced in product development and manufacturing, including electronics, medical devices, control systems, audio and acoustics.

Registered engineer with over thirty years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Experienced in academic and industrial chemistry and chemical engineering, serving as an expert witness for attorneys and insurance companies.

Extensive experience solving complex engineering, materials testing and technical problems across industries and applications.

Engineering company specializing in toys, infant and recreational products, including safety and reliability. Extensive litigation experience.

Consulting, product development, litigation support and expert testimony for all matters relating to microwave heating and microwave ovens.

Bulk material expert, including belt conveyor design, machine design, systems design, research and development, engineering management and marketing.

Consultant and expert witness for matters relating to cause of injury, assistive technology, medical equipment, disability, and product liability.