Residential Care: Health Care Industry Expert Witness Directory

Consulting and expert witness testimony for personal injury, healthcare litigation, commercial litigation and Certificate of Need matters.

Expertise for infections in all medical specialties, including sepsis, infection control, hepatitis, food poisoning, surgical infection and pneumonia.

Behavioral and social science expertise in the fields of mental health, community mental health, managed care and developmental disabilities.

Human factors and accident prevention experts for personal injury litigation, especially in cases involving children, adolescents and the elderly.

Expert in geriatric psychiatry and neurobehavior, with a focus on issues of mental capacity and competency, quality of care, and financial abuse.

Providing expert witness services for to standard of care issues in health, education and human service agencies, with a focus on mental retardation.

Consultant and expert witness for matters relating to cause of injury, assistive technology, medical equipment, disability, and product liability.

Expert witness for matters involving family and geriatric medicine, including assisted living and nursing home care, competence, and pressure ulcers.