Structural Failure: Failure Analysis Expert Witness Directory

Professional civil engineer providing analysis, research and expert testimony for transportation, roadway and bridge construction and safety.

Performing geotechnical evaluations regarding the cause, type and extent of damage as a neutral or independent consultant in large litigation cases.

Expertise for matters including structural damages and failure, cause and origin of fires and explosions, materials testing, accident reconstruction.

Providing design reviews and expert testimony, safety and hazard analysis, engineering risk assessments, inspections, auditing and failure analysis.

Providing materials testing and failure analysis services to domestic and international high technology industries both, and litigation support.

Engineers with expertise for matters including structural and building defects and failures, electrical accidents, fires, and accident reconstruction.

Providing forensic architectural services for matters including accidents, building design, planning, safety, security and defects, and site planning.

National and international services for investigation of catastrophes, including structural failures, extreme weather damage, explosions and fires.