Household Accidents: Accidents Expert Witness Directory

Interdisciplinary testing company, providing technical evaluations, scientific analysis, expert testimony and preparation of cases for trial.

Experienced metallurgist offering failure analysis, accident investigations, and metallurgical engineering consultation and expert testimony.

Providing forensic engineering consulting and accident reconstruction services to attorneys, insurance professionals and corporations since 1990.

Providing ergonomics and safety consulting services and expert testimony to manufacturers, government agencies, and attorneys.

Consulting, product development, litigation support and expert testimony for all matters relating to microwave heating and microwave ovens.

Certified safety professional with thirty years of experience with OSHA compliance and safety training.

Scientific investigation and expert testimony for fire origin and the evaluation of electrical and mechanical accidents and water damage claims.

Head of a multidisciplinary team of doctors and engineers specializing in injury causation analysis for a wide range of accidents and incidents.

Head of a panel of medical experts that offers objective review and analysis of personal injuries, including IME services.