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Analysis, prevention, and reconstruction of accidents.


Business and consumer bankruptcy law and issues.

Business & Financial

Contracts, corporations, commercial lending, and business legal concerns.

Child Custody and Visitation

Establishing and enforcing child custody and visitation.


Computers and computer forensics issues.

Consumer Protection

Fraud, consumer rights, and Internet scams.

Criminal Cases

How the criminal justice system works.

Damages Assessment

How damages are determined in civil cases.

Disabilities Law

Disabilities law, Social Security benefits, and discrimination.

Domestic Violence

Legal issues raised by abuse and violence in the family.

Drunk Driving Cases

Drunk driving terminology, offenses, traffic stop procedures, and prosecutions.

Employment Law

The legal rights of workers and their employers.

Environmental Law

Issues pertaining to the environment, toxic torts, and environmental disease.

Estate Planning

Wills, trusts, probate, and other estate planning and administration issues.

Expert Witness Practice

How to be a better expert witness.

Failure Analysis

Analyzing the failure of equipment, parts, and processes.

Family Law and Divorce

Legal issues relating to marriage and divorce.

Fires & Explosions

Legal and forensic aspects of fire and explosion causation, and fire investigation.

Forensic Animation

The use of animation in the context of litigation.

Forensic Evidence

Scientific and forensic evidence and its use in court.


Legal and forensic aspects of identification of evidence and suspects.

Identity Theft

Preventing and responding to identity theft and fraud.

Immigration Law

Legal aspects of immigration and naturalization, and deportation.

Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

International Law

The law of nations.


Hiring and utilizing a private investigator.

Legal Research

How to perform legal research.

Malpractice Law

Violation of the standard of care by professionals.


Legal issues relating to marketing and promotion.


Forensic and legal aspects of medicine.

Personal Finance

Legal and practical issues in managing and growing your finances.

Personal Injury

When the law offers remedies for personal injury, and how the tort system works.

Practice Management

Suggestions for improving the function of a law practice.

Premises Liability

Liability of premises owners following injury on their property.

Product Liability

Injury caused by defective goods, including medical devices and toys.


Forensic and legal aspects of psychology.

Real Estate

The law of real property, including boundary disputes and adverse possession.

Securities & Investment Law

Securities and investment law, securities fraud, and remedies for investors.


Ensuring premises security and reducing crime.


The effects of exposure to natural and man-made toxins.

Traffic Ticket Law

Issues relating to traffic, speeding, vehicle ownership and registration.

Worker's Compensation

The law protecting workers who suffer injury on the job.

Additional Issues

Legal topics not addressed under other subjects.

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