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    Default Foreign Equivalent of High School Diploma

    Excuse me if I posted this in the wrong section, but I really don't know where this goes.

    My mom is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant which requires a high school diploma. At the time she became a CNA she did not have to show any proof that she had a diploma. Last month my mom took a Phlebotomy class and is now attempting to get her California license.

    Here is where the problem starts. They require that she shows proof of a high school diploma or equivalent, which includes a diploma from another country. Well my mom has graduated from the a high school in Vietnam, but she cannot prove it with any kind of papers. During the war she escaped the country with no belongings, and after the communist took over Saigon, which is now Ho Chi Minh, many things changed. The school is no longer there so there is no way to get any kind of proof. She has asked the people that work over at the testing center but they said there is nothing they can do except have her take a GED-type test. My mom believes she cannot pass because it has been over 30 years since she has done any type of math, and her written English skills are only good enough to get her by day to day. She does not have the skills that we have learned in the schools here to pass that type of test.

    Is there any other option she can do? thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Equivalent of high school diploma

    Has she considered buying a GED preparation book at a local bookstore, and taking a sample test? She may do better than she thinks.

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    Default Re: Equivalent of high school diploma

    She is very determined and I am currently looking for some sort of prep class for her. Thank you for your help and I will check out the local Barnes and Noble. great idea!

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