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    Default Value of Sewer Right of Way

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: PA

    My town is getting a new septic system. I own aprox 70 acres around an old mining town. The town will need aprox 1600' of ROW from me including space to install a lift station. I know they have seccured the funding. I have not received any paperwork or notices yet. They completed the initial survey last summer and when I spoke to the tresspassing surveyors they informed of the prosposed project which had changed completely from 3yrs prior and the town was suppossedly paying a dollar/foot which outraged me.
    Questions: What rights do I have? Can I stop them from entering my land before receiving just and fair compensation? Can I force them to place the line onto the properties the lines will benefit which would lesson the land they "steal" from me? Must I start a legal battle to get fair compensation? Will I gain anything by going on the offensive and starting before they contact me? What would you suggest if it was your land?


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    Default Re: Value of Sewer Right of Way

    Are they doing this work on an existing easement? If so, what authority do they have under the easement. If not, are they seeking to establish an easement through eminent domain? If we're talking eminent domain, is that process ongoing or is it over?

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    Default Re: Value of Sewer Right of Way

    What would you suggest if it was your land?
    I would be absolutely delighted that my 70 acres was going to have public sewer access. The value of the land will be increased by a huge amount. I would not be looking to a foot amount compensation but how many free taps I could get out of this.

    The fact that the town is actually expanding is in your best interests.

    If you want to fight it, an appraiser will be brought in to value the take of your land. You might be mortified to find that your land will be valued more highly with the sewer system in place.

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    Default Re: Value of Sewer Right of Way

    Thank you guys for the timely response, I couldn't be more apreciative! It has given me much to think about, more to research and a slight (even if small) change in feeling.


    P.S. Your site is great!!!

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