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    Default Ptsd Due to an Attack by My Ex Husband

    State of Illinois.

    Am I able to seek assistance from the state for therapy? I was given a form to fill out last year in April right before he went to prison. I had the opportunity to recieve assistance due to his abuse against me. I declined at the time due to my employer paying for my therapy last year. Now they are going to stop paying. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to his abuse and now I cant afford to keep going to therapy. Do I qualify for aide maybe under the Crime Victims Compensation Act?

    exhusband went to prison for Burglary (not against me) and possesion of a stolen gun if that helps anything

    I really need to continue in therapy but I cant afford it. What can I do?.

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    Default Re: Ptsd Due to an Attack by My Ex Husband

    If you are identified as the victim in a police report, AND cooperated with police/the state in pursuing criminal charges against the offender, you would probably qualify. In Illinois, you've got to file for the assistance within 2 years of the date of the crime or within 1 year of the criminal indictment, whichever is later.

    You can find the information, requirements, etc. at:
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