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    Default Rights to Maintain a Private Road

    []My question involves real estate located in the State of: North Carolina. We own some prperty and are landlocked. The private road that we drive down to get to our house is owned by our neighbor. We don't have a right of way or an easement. But he can't block us from using this road. We have asked to buy a right of way but he's fefused to sell. Anyway my question is? The road is in very bad shape past his driveway. I mean we have 2 potholes that are 20ft wide. We have offered to have the road fixed. No cost to him at all. But agin he refuses. He's just really hard to get along with. This road has been there since way back in the 1940's. We just want to fix the road..Please..Any advice will be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rights to Maintain a Private Road

    If you don't have a right-of-way or easement, why can't he block your use? Is this an implied easement, resulting from a split of your property from his that left your property landlocked? Was this once a public roadway that has been abandoned by the government? The context could be important to your rights.

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