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    Default How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    I have a friend who was recently notified that she had until Saturday to accept or reject a plea bargain. She plans to accept. It will come with jail time. She was so shocked/surprised/nervous when she got the call from her lawyer that she didn't ask an obvious question, so I pose it to you guys: If she accepts it, say, on Saturday, when is the earliest/most probable time that she would go to jail? She was thinking there has to be a 'trial' or at least a court proceeding for it to be official, but isn't the whole point of a plea bargain to avoid a trial? If so, what would the norm/average be here?

    She is talking to her lawyer tomorrow afternoon I believe, but I was hoping I could perhaps get some idea here just for the sake of my nerves.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    Can someone please guess at least? I'm on pins and needles here I would appreciate it so much!

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    a court has to impose a sentence before it can be enacted. Depending on the state and how their courts handle plea agreements, a court appearance may or may not be required but most often a court appearance is required.

    at that hearing is when the plea agreement would be accepted or rejected by the judge and if it is accepted, a judge could impose a sentence at that time and the defendant could be incarcerated at that time.

    a court hearing is not a trial.
    I am not an attorney and any advice is not to be construed as legal advice. You might even want to ignore my advice. Actually, there are plenty of real attorneys that you might want to ignore as well.

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    Default Re: How Long After a Plea Bargain Does a Jail Sentence Start

    Ok. Thank you very much! I should find out for sure within the hour, but, as nerve-wracked as I am, this still helped... alot. Have a great day!

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