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    Default Evicting an Adult Child in California

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? CA

    LA County. A mother has a daughter who's over 21. She has not been working for over a year, has not been following the rules set out by the mother, partying all night, driving without a license, etc. The daughter does not contribute to rent or utilities. Never has. The mother is finally fed up and wants to kick the daughter out, but apparently there are some laws requiring a 30 day eviction notice because she resides at the residence (the residence is an apartment rented by the mother). So the question is what is the fastest way to kick out the "child"? Is eviction notice really necessary even though she does not pay rent or contribute in any way? If so, then can she just keep coming home, use the utilities, go out and party, and do whatever she wants until those 30 days are up? Just doesn't sound right to me.

    Anyway, I would appreciate that the responses include a reference to the specific penal or civil code. Also, if an eviction notice is the only way to go, is there a good guide on how to draft such a notice and how to have it served formally?

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    Default Re: Evicting an Adult Child in California

    I am not a lawyer but from what i know...You probably have to go by the 30 day eviction but....if she is not on the lease to the apartment than you might could get the complex to push it...

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    Default Re: Evicting an Adult Child in California

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    Default Re: Evicting an Adult Child in California

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    Very helpful. Thank you.

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