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    Default Does the Insurance Company Pay Me, or Pay Doctors Directly

    California.....I was in an accident, my car was totaled, my daughter was slightly injured. The other driver admits total liability, so does her insurance co. They (her insurance co) wants to pay for my daughter's medical bills (very small amount). They already paid me for the value of my car. Do I have to pay the medical bills first and then get reimbursed, or do I send them the copies of the bills, and then they pay me, or do they pay the hospital, ambulance, Doctor, etc. directly?

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    Default Re: Does the Insurance Company Pay Me, or Pay Doctors Directly

    I would send copies of the medical bills to the ins. co. They generally pay the service providers directly.
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    Default Re: Does the Insurance Company Pay Me, or Pay Doctors Directly

    As Betty said, you send the incoming bills to them. Often, the doctor and insurance company may make arrangements so the bill is sent directly from Doctor to Insurance Company. That usually works in their favor, as insurance companies tend to have a pre-set rate they will pay, rather than the full rate.

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