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    Default Towed from Condo Complex

    Hello All:

    I know someone that was given written notice by their condo complex that because they did not have properly displayed registration "tags" that their vehicle would be towed.

    Is this lawful in the State of Florida? If so, under statute 715.07, what gives the property owner the right to tow a vehicle for the reason of tags?

    Is the placard on the front of the complex when you drive in the "authorization" to tow the vehicle for this specific kind of violation?

    It just seems confusing to me why an Apt. complex would care about something like this? So in this same theory, if a vehicle has unlawfully tinted windows, can the Apt. complex tow for something like this?



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    Default Re: Florida - Tow from Condo Complex

    For an expired tag, a tow company can snatch it one second after it expires unless you have it in an enclosed area not visible from the street, like a garage with a closing door (check your city or county ordinances related to "junked or abandoned vehicles" which is what applies to the towing of vehicles with expired tags). Junked vehicles ordinances in Florida apply whether you've got the car parked in a driveway in a residence, or in an apartment complex parking lot. They don't have to give a grace period. Although the car was parked in a complex, this is a city/county ordinance issue. Your car is parked on private property - that belonging to the apartment complex - and THEY, technically, then have a junked/abandoned vehicle (by legal definition, since the tags are expired) on their property. Rather than deal with THEM possibly being in violation by allowing the vehicle to remain on their property (putting THEM in violation), complexes give tow companies their blessings to remove such vehicles.

    See also:

    The unlaw tint issue isn't an issue until the vehicle is physically taken out onto a public street, so the complex doesn't care. Once you're on public streets with the tint, it's the police's problem.
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