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    Default Can Charges Be Dropped Before Court

    I was just really curious if a charged could be dropped before the court date? Maybe by the officer who issued the citation?

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    Default Re: Can Charges Be Dropped Before Court

    Criminal charges? Once initiated, prior to trial or other resolution it's up to the prosecutor to dismiss the charge.

    Can it happen? Sure. But it usually does not. Got any facts to share?

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    Default Re: Can Charges Be Dropped Before Court

    I have been charged with Endangering the welfare of a minor. I was driving down a two lane road highway, the truck that was in front of me was driving very slowly and as I began to pass I was almost far enough in front of the truck to get over when he began to speed up and not allow me to pass. The amount of time it took me to slow down and get back in the lane was long enough for oncoming traffic to be coming up pretty quickly. The first vehicle in the oncoming traffic was the Chief Deputy in my town on his way home. He said I was being careless and stupid to try a stunt like that. It wasn't stunt, there wasn't a thing I could do but he wouldn't listen to my explanation. So because my son was with me I was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

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