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    Question Child Name Change in New York State

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: New York.

    I am a single mother with sole custody. We have not seen or heard from my exhusband since 2002. He has an order for child support which he hasn't paid since 2001. All contact with my son has been cut off by the courts until he completes a psychiatric evaluation (ordered in 2000) which he has not done.

    My son, now ten, wants to change his last name to my maiden name. How do we do this? Child support collection agencies in NYS have been unable to locate him.

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    Default Re: Child Name Change in New York State

    You petition the court (normally the court with jurisdiction over custody matters) for a name change, making service on the father or complying with the court's order for substituted service. The court may require evidence that the name change is in the minor's best interest, but given dad's abandonment I don't think that would be particularly difficult to establish. You can find instructions for filing a name change petition here.

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