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    Default Expunging a domestic battery charge, dropped down to battery


    I have a question, i was charged with a domestic battery for pushing my girlfriend at the time which i admitted to the officer at the scene. My problem is i don't have any other charge except that charge except parking ticket i never hit women and i just made that mistake that day and it never happened again. No when i apply for jobs and i mention it majority of the women are the interviewers and they think you some kinda violent person. The charge was drop down to Battery is that the same as Domenstic Violence or is it just a battery.

    I want to get it expunged off my record so it doesn't have a influence on me when applying for a job. I found out that some charges do not quailify for expungement and domestic violence is one of them.

    So if someone could please explain to me if i will be able to get it expunged? I would surely appreciate it. For i'm in college now and it is already tough to get professional job and that charge makes it even tougher.

    Please someone help!!!!
    I'm desperate please.

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    You were convicted in what state?

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    Default concerning domestic Battery charge drop down to battery

    I was convicted in florida.

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    I would like to add to (lew26)'s comments.
    I was convicted for a battery charge in georgia.

    It was originally a domestic violence charge.
    But, because i did not live with the woman ...
    As was assumed by the officer at time of arrest ...
    My public defender had it lowered to battery.

    Is this expungeable?

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    Default Florida Expungement Law / Georgia Expungement Law

    Florida seems to have limited expungement options for people who were convicted of offenses. It permits expungement where the charge is dismissed, nolle prossed, or results in acquittal, as long as the applicant has not been found guilty of a subsequent offnese. It permits criminal records to be sealed where there is no "adjudication of guilt", such as where a defendant receives a delayed disposition. But it does not appear to offer similar remedies following conviction.

    Georgia appears to permit expungement only where criminal charges against the applicant have been resolved without a conviction and the applicant has not been convicted of a crime in the past five years; or the applicant has a juvenile record, but was not adjudicated delinquent.

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