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    Default Payment Center Phone Number

    can someone tell me the payment center"s phone number for the state of tenn.

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    Default Re: Phone Number

    Enter your ZIP code on this page.
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    Default Re: Phone Number

    The link provided gives you your local office address.

    There are seven payment centers. Disabled recipients under age 55 are handled in Baltimore MD by Social Security number. The other six payment centers generally handle retirement, survivor and disabled 55 and over. They are throughout the US. And again, Social Security number determines which payment center. Payment center phone numbers are not generally made available to the public by the Social Security Administration although the numbers do get published.

    The teleservice centers are supposed to be the first point of contact on the phone. But they get so busy with phone calls that payment center employees are often pulled away from their duties paying claims to answering phone calls. So, sometimes you may call the 800-772-1213 number and get a payment center employee who is temporarily no longer working on claims because the phone volume is so high.

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