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    Default How to Be Emancipated in Maine

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Maine.
    okay, where do i start? First of all, i do not live with my parents, and haven't in almost 3 years. I have been staying with my friend and her family for almost 2 years now. Her parents do not have legal guardianship. My father has had custody of me, and, quite frankly, he has no right what-so-ever to claim it. I haven't lived with him for over 3 years, and when i did, it was for a short period of time. He just got out of rehab. He can't keep a job; I can keep one longer than he can. His credit is unspeakable, and he is so financially un-responsible and unstable that he can barely support himself, let alone a 16 year old daughter. He is also living in a camper somewhere in a location that i am not aware of. He calls me sometimes, but that's nowhere near to the extent of what a father with custody should be doing. I have a steady job, and i'm getting my permit immediately. My mother supports it, although she lives in a different state. My point is, am i going to be able to get emancipated without my fathers signature even though he has custody, if i explain my situation? Because i can't keep depending on other people's families to take on the responsibility my own family should have. I'm a big girl, almost an adult, and i think it's time for me to be recognized as one.

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    Default Re: How to Be Emancipated by April

    Read this. The steps are outlined in the quoted statute.

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    Default Re: How to Be Emancipated in Maine

    thank you. do you have any idea how long this process takes between the time you file for emancipation and the time you're granted it?

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    Default Re: How to Be Emancipated in Maine

    It's IF you're granted it, not WHEN you're granted it. There are no guarantees. However, the time element is variable and depends on the specific court. There's really no way for us to tell how long it will take.

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