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    Default What Happens to a Tenancy if the Landlord Dies

    My friend moved into an apartment at the request of an older gentleman to keep his home clean while he was away for two years. She paid him rent. Right before she moved in, he moved to another state to live with relatives because he was ill. She stayed in his apartment, maintaining it, and paying rent. They had a contract that her rent would not be raised.

    He died today and his son, the executor of his will, is making noises that seem to indicate he wants her out of there. Before she moved in, the apartment was in disarray - filthy with 20 years of dust, packed with furniture and debris and, worst of all, nearly inhabitable due to broken pipes that emitted a sewage smell throughout the apartment. Now she has kept in such good condition, it's a showplace. No doubt, he wants to get someone in there who will pay higher rent.

    What are her rights?

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    Default Re: Landlord Died - What Happens to the Tenant

    The amount of notice that must be given to end a tenancy depends upon the laws of your state and, in some cases, the duration of the tenancy.

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    Default Re: Landlord Died - What Happens to the Tenant

    She is in CA. She lived there about two years.

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