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    Unhappy Tons of Medical Bills I Can't Pay

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Maryland

    I currently owe I'd say around $4,000 in medical bills and it's spread out to various Drs and 2 hospitals. My oldest bill is a year old but most of them are only months old. Some of them are in collections but not all. My problem is that I am unable to work as I have yet to find out what is causing my unidentified pain that has gotten me into all this debt which is still accumulating since I keep having to see new Drs. I literally have no money to send them since I don't have a job. I have no family to help me out either. Is there anything I can do? Is it just inevitable that I will be sued? Will they really sue someone who has no job or any money? What would happen if they win? I'm really worried about this as my name is on my fathers house along with his name. Can they take the house if I am the Co-owner if I get sued? I live with my father but he doesn't have any extra money to help me with these bills so I am really at a loss of what to do. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Would writing them to explain I don't have a job help anything? Everyone keeps telling me not to worry, what can they do to you, you don't have a job. But I am worried. Thanks for any advice you can give, I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Tons of Medical Bills I Can't Pay

    If you get sued, it's quite possible for your creditors to pursue your assets potentially including your 50% interest in the home you share with your father.

    This is one of the many reasons that "kitchen table estate planning" is risky - adding a child to your property, when the child later accumulates debts or liabilities, can put your home at risk. If your dad added you to the deed "to keep the house out of probate", perhaps it's time for him to consult a probate lawyer about whether he can successfully undo the transaction and implement a more sound estate plan.

    If you're medically disabled from working, perhaps you should consider applying for Social Security disability benefits and seeing if you qualify for Medicaid.

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    Default Re: Tons of Medical Bills I Can't Pay

    I have been in and out of the hospital twice in the last year, my first bill was 105,000 .. I had just been fired from my job and was in the hospital for a month. luckily my BCBS from work payed 103,000. just in May I was in for 5 days,about 4,000 with aftercare.. even with no job and unemployment putting me too high for medicaid the county had health programs that will repay the hospital bills and then you in turn pay them back, and this is important only what you can pay.. As low as 5 bux a month nothing at the time if you cant afford it. .. but most important is that they will not sue you... I would definately look into this if I were you. Usually the Hospital will have someone come and see you that is like a liason between the state/county and the hospital because they want to get paid. I hope this helps you some..

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    Default Re: Tons of Medical Bills I Can't Pay

    Thanks for the replies. I recently contacted the hospital and they are sending me a form to apply for assistance. The Drs bills though are another story, they don't offer assistance. I'm going to talk to the Dr about disability but I don't know if I can get it since they don't even know what's wrong with me. I can't get Medicaid, I tried to apply and I don't qualify. You only qualify if you are pregnant, married w/children, or if you are on disability for at least 6 months.

    Mr Knowitall: I can't get my name taken off. I was actually put on when my father refinanced as my mother passed away so my father had me put on the application so I would be co-owner. The house won't be paid off for 15 years. What would happen if I got sued? Would they put a lien on the house for when it is ever sold or refinanced so they would get the money? They can't actually just take the house right? Plus since it was refinanced their is already a lien on the house from the bank, so a lien from getting sued would come 2nd to that right? I just really hope they don't sue me. I don't get why some people get sued and others don't. My friend had a $5,000 surgery that no part of got paid and she was never sued for it. Thanks for the help.

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