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    Post Expense Reimbursement

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Massachusetts.

    I was laid off Feb 09. In May and July 09 I discovered and submitted unpaid expenses relating to my work. On both occasions my former employer paid these, the last being on a check dated Aug 6.

    On Aug 7, I submitted a final round of reports (by email) as within 1 hour received a reply of

    "I have to inform you that I'm not able to pay other expenses dated 2008
    This is also because the U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return is already filed and I can't enter more costs referred to the year 2008. Furthermore, since you don't work anymore with (Our Company), we are not able to justify other payments in your name."

    What Section of M.G.L can I use to compel them to pay?

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