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    Default Keeping a Marriage a Secret

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: VT
    My husband and I have been married for two years but he does not want to share with his relatives that I am his wife and nobody know we are married.
    I still love him but this secret has tarnished my self-esteem. I want to have chance for a better life.
    How should I proceed next? Before we married I signed a prenuptial agreement that says that I do not receive anything.I have been his devoted wife for two years I helped with house renovations and took care of the house while working FT as well. Would you please help me with an advise on how to proceed next?

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    Default Re: Keeping a Marriage a Secret

    I want to have chance for a better life.
    With him or without him?

    Frankly, you can do better.

    Are you a green card holder? Or a citizen? Either way, get yourself to an attorney and get yourself unentangled from this man. The pre-nup may not hold up in court - only an attorney can help you determine that.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
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    Default Re: Keeping a Marriage a Secret

    i know this is an old post...but JIC you still visit to read replies, without actually adding one yourself...

    RUN! if he loved you enough to marry you, he should love you enough to tell others that...sounds to me you may have other issues. i myself can be a vindictive person, therefore not only would i divorce the SOB, i'd serve him at his parent's house:D

    not only that, but if you 2 end up with children, how will that make sense to them? they wouldn't be allowed to tell anyone you 2 are married, and it seems like maybe the family doesn't like you and therefore he doesn't want them to know you're actually married to one another...leave him, go get your "white wedding" with a REAL MAN, have some babies, and write this fool off as a practice run...i know it sounds mean, and immature, but hey what can you do?! as for the prenup, just let it go. it sounds like he never wanted anyone to know about you to begin with. therefore, forget him...if there's nothing you need from him that you would gain through a prenup just let it go. but at the same time, realize that if you DID gain anything, you're looking at a court battle, and x amount of time dealing with this idioto in can do better, girl!

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