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    Default Wrong Information on a Speeding Ticket

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: TX
    I was recently stopped for 9 mph over a 55 mph speed limit. There are two errors on the citation: 1) the citation lists the license state as TX but the car is registered and licensed in OH and 2) the model year for the car is shown as 2008 but it's a 2005 model. The citation was issued at 1:45 pm but the "Radar Cal" shows 14:38. Does that mean that the radar was calibrated at 2:38 pm (the previous day) or something else? Also, it show traffic as being "HEAVY" and I'm not certain that the radar registerd my speed or someone else's speed. Thanks


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    Default Re: Wrong Information on a Speeding Ticket

    The errors you describe are meaningless to the ticket, save in relation to the fact that the court may not be able to properly abstract the ticket back to your state if they don't figure out that the officer should have marked down that it was an Ohio license.

    One way to help yourself figure out if the speed the officer measured was yours or somebody else is to consider whether you were in fact going 64 in a 55 zone. If so, it's reasonable to infer that it is your speed.

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