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    Default Restoration of Gun rights


    15 years ago I made a huge mistake and I was convicted of DUI vehicular manslaughter w/o negligence, which is a felony. This happened in the State of CA while I was serving in the Military. I was sentenced to one year jail time and 5 years of probation. After getting out of Jail I moved back to my home state of LA where I served the rest of my probation without incident. To this day I still do not drink and have had a flawless record since.

    Is there anyway I can restore my gun rights? If there is can you guys point me in the right direction on how to go about doing so? Any and all help in much appreciated

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    Default California Expungement

    The California Courts offer considerable information about that state's expungement process. It is my understanding that California is relatively liberal about granting expungements (although the benefits in terms of the offender's criminal record are more limited than in many other states). The firearms licensing authority in your Parish should be able to tell you if that would be sufficient for the restoration of your firearms ownership rights.

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