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    Default Sibling Adoption

    My question involves adoption law for the State of: Maine

    I would like to know what the laws for adopting my sibling are. I am 18 she is 12 almost 13. I just finally got out of that home, and right now my brother is there to take care of her, but he's leaving next year when he turns 18. It is not a good home to be in, there are drugs involved, and some times abusive behavior between parent and child. I want to get her out of there before her future is ruined completely. I am fully capable of taking care of her, as I had been doing since she was born until about three months ago. If any one knows where I could find the laws regarding this are, please let me know.

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    Default Re: Sibling Adoption

    Your first step is to get CPS involved.

    You don't just go to court and say "My parents are unfit, give me my siblings." It all needs to be documented, and until you do that, anything else doesn't matter.

    Call CPS and get the ball rolling. If their investigation concludes that the child is being abused, you might be able to convince the court that you would be more fit.
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    Default Re: Sibling Adoption

    Thank you for replying! Where can I find the number for CPS? And is this a Maine based, or do they have a place in Maine?

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    1-800-452-1999 (Voice) 1-800-963-9490 (TTY)
    The State of Maine's child abuse hotline is staffed 24 hours a day.

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