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    Default Handicap Parking, Forget to Put Up Placard

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California, my dad has a handicapped placard and was in a rush and parked in a handicap spot and forgot to put up his placard. He got a ticket so I was curious if he can go to court and state his case and get the ticket dismissed. Thanks!

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    I don't know if the ticket format is the same if different cities/counties - but on the back of the San Diego issued tickets it says - "within 30 days you must provide payment. however if the disabled persons parking placard was not displayed at the time the citation was issue, provide copies of your placard ID card showing your placard was valid at the time the citation was issued and vehicle registration and a letter from the placard holder indicating they were being transported at the time of the violation along with a $10 processing fee payable to the city treasurer".
    In other words - make sure your dad checks the whole ticket over for some fine print

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    Thanks! he's going to the courthouse tomorrow to contest it..hopefully it won't be too bad!

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    Default Re: Handicap Parking, Forget to Put Up Placard

    Parking violations disputes and unless the citation was issued by a police officer or a deputy sheriff are almost never heard by a judge. Typically Parking Enforcement has the procedure for disputing the citation outlined on the back of the citation and it usually describes the dispute procedure as a mail in process.

    That of course works in their favor in that it makes it more difficult for the cited driver.

    Of course I could be wrong about all this depending on the issuing agency in your dad's particular case. If your Dad's visit to the courthouse proves fruitless and if you decide to come back here for more question please post the particular statute he is charged with as well as the issuing agency.

    In all honesty, if he forgot to display the placard then I am not sure what grounds he might have for requesting a dismissal of a "failure to display placard" citation but that's just me!

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