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    Default Is It Illegal to Take a Minor Somewhere in Another State Without Parent's Permission

    Ok, I realize that in general it is illegal for an adult to transport a minor across state lines, like from Pennsylvania to Maryland, without the minor's parent's permission. But, I am not certain about the following circumstances:

    I know someone who allowed their daughter's boy friend, a minor aged 14, to ride his bike to her house, from about 10 miles away, knowing full well that the minor did not have permission from his parents, and even giving her daughter permission for him to come over. The daughter is 15 years old. His parents only knew that he was out riding his bike, but not to where. In order to get to the house, the boy had to ride his bike across state lines, from Pennsylvania to just inside the Maryland state line. The daughter's mother knew full well that the boy had lied to his parents about where he was going. The purpose for him coming over was so that he can go to a picnic somewhere else in Maryland that required her to take her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend by vehicle. She also allowed the minor to stay at her house for a couple hours before going. The minor was planning to return home later in the afternoon by riding his bike home, across state lines from Maryland to Pennsylvania. This is not a case of a minor running away from home permanently.

    Is either the minor or the daughter's mother breaking any laws here? Technically, she did not take the minor across state lines, but she did transport him from one place to another in another state, knowing full well that the minor did not have permission from his parents to come over and go with them to the picnic.

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    Default Re: Is It Illegal to Take a Minor Somewhere in Another State Without Parent's Permiss

    it is illegal to do anything with a minor without their parent/guardians permission if it is against the wishes of the parent/guardian.

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