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    Question I Don't Know What to Do with My Condo

    My question involves a foreclosure in the State of: Illinois

    My problem start 2 years ago, when I purchased my condo. Because I am single and just living with my mom, I decided to pay a little more but get everything at the key. First of all, I paid an incredible price and 3 months after the market went down a lot. They offered my cash back, but I did not accepted thinking that I am not gonna be able to pay a bigger mortgage. After an year and few months I lost my job, I got another one but not so well paid. I realized that I am heaving a financial problem. I struggle and did the payments for another couple of months but then after...I just could not do it anymore. More the this, I start having problems in my condo really soon after I bought it. Keep trying to maintain everything but late last year I decided I don't want it anymore. Everything is falling off and ... I guess I did not think too much when I bought it and now I'm having a problem. I did not do anything about it, first couse I don't know anything about the law, second I did not have money to consult an attorney. Now someone offer me help to fill up for bankruptcy because I did not make a payment to the mortgage company for more then 6 months. I am not getting along with the condo assosc. also...which never ever help me but increasing my assessment for no logical reason. Now I am in court with them to and I don't have the money to pay them for the months that I did not paid my assess. and court fees. My credit score went down off course, and I don't know what to do. Filling up for bankruptcy or waiting for foreclosure to happen or... please help me.

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    Default Re: I Don't Know What to Do with My Condo

    I suggest that you start by consulting a bankruptcy lawyer.

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