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    Default Can You Force Your Child to Use Birth Control

    Hello I line in GA.

    I have a 16 year old daughter and came across ovulation kits in her bathroom under the sink.

    I am trying to get her in to get the depo shot right away, however my concern is when she gets there that she will fight it. The rumor is her and her boyfriend are trying to get pregnant and then run off together with the assistance of a relative of her boyfriend, an adult.

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    Default Re: Can You Force Your Child to Birth Control

    No, you can't force your child to take birth control pills.

    You can, however, forbid her from seeing the little miscreant, and see about obtaining a restraining order against the boyfriend's relative.

    It might be in your daughter's best interests to have a chat with the counselors down at Planned Parenthood, while you're at it. They'll talk to her about birth control - but more importantly, they're talk to her about how difficult it is to raise a child when you've not had a proper education, don't have a decent job, and have no clue what the hell you're getting yourself into. They do a bang up job of giving the "What, have you lost every bit of your mind??" speech.
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