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    Default Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    Is it legal, to publish/use screenshots from the movies
    1) in the blog (it's my corporate blog, ads-free though)
    2) in my personal Flickr account

    Naturally, director and movie title will be mentioned.

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    Default Re: Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    Possibly under fair use; probably not for whatever purpose you have in mind (but you haven't filled us in).

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    Default Re: Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    Studios, independent producers, pr agencies and others send out film stills and trailers. This is with the full understanding that they will be used in print, online, and on television. In the old days they would send out entire printed press kits and some still do, though today, it is mostly digital.

    You should not copy the photos, etc. from third party sites. Get on the mailing lists of all the original sources.

    If you create your own screenshots by an illegal access to the motion picture, then you will be in trouble. The same with games, which are motion pictures to a large extent these days.

    The entire point of having these things distributed is to have them used. There is implied consent, to say nothing of fair use.

    Celebrity photos though are produced for profit and are sold to the web sites, publishers or syndicates using them. What constitutes fair use there can be an expensive legal lesson. Also if you repeat some libel, you might find yourself on a list of defendants.

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    Question Re: Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    I too would be interested in the legalities of this.

    I am working on a new website and one thing I would like to do with this new site is post screenshots of movies, tv, games, etc. I won't be posting full videos or any type of videos. Just a screenshot or two.

    Would that be legal?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    Would that be legal?
    Possibly falls under Fair Use, if you are reviewing the movie/game/whatever the screenshot is from.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
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    Default Re: Placing Movie Screenshots on a Website

    I found this online

    "The copyright law contemplates that fair use of a copyrighted work without permission shall be for purposes such as (1) criticism and comment, (2) parody and satire, (3) scholarship and research, (4) news reporting and (5) teaching, and that such fair use will not result in the infringement of a copyrighted work."

    While I won't exactly be posting reviews, it could be considered "comment", "research" or "news reporting". At least I think so.

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