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    Default F-1 and Marriage

    One of my close friends has an F-1 and wants to find out more about what marriage would mean for her stay in the US. I would appreciate any help as far as the following questions:

    1. If she marries another F-1 holder, does anything happen to her status? Somebody told her that would change her to an F-2, which would allow her to travel in and out of US--is this true? If so, that would mean she would lose the right to study and work, right?

    2. What happens if she marries a green card holder? I believe she would then be allowed to apply for green card and eventually citizenship. Is this true? What kind of wait is she looking at? Would she be allowed to travel out of the US in the meantime?

    3. What happens if she marries a US citizen? Would she be allowed to travel outside of the US before getting a green card? She would still need to apply to be a green card holder before getting a citizenship, correct? What kind of wait is she looking at in this scenario? I believe it's shorter than if she were to marry a green card holder.

    4. Some other facts: she is from Kazakhstan. Feel free to make any kinds of Borat jokes.

    5. The main idea is she wishes to see her mom, back home, who is ill, as soon as possible. Any ideas as to how she could manage this fastest, without losing her F-1, are appreciated.

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    Default Re: F-1 and Marriage

    She should marry out of love, not for immigration advantage.

    Read this.

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