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    Default What Does TSR Mean

    Hi All , I really need help Please , and im new here i dont know where to Post Sorry if i posted wrong forum section .

    I have paid the ticket and attented online traffic school and passed the Final Exam test 11 months ago but today i received my insurance Renewal and the payment goes up Twice so i called up my insurance Agency and asked them then she said i have a violation ticket with minus point last year so i told her that i think i studied and passed the online test and the School already faxed the certificate to the court already . so i go to LA Court Website and check the status and it said :


    Name : ( My Name )
    Court : LA Court
    Violation Date : 03/17/2008
    Initial Due Date : 04/18/2008
    Case Status : Prior
    Disposition : Bail Forfeiture on 06/19/2008
    Last Action : traffic School
    New Appearance Date : 06/19/2008 in TSR


    I dont really Know What does it mean.. Help Me Please. Thanks

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    Default Re: What Does TSR Mean

    Contact the clerk of the court and ask.

    My guess is that it's a hearing you weren't required to attend when they review your completion of traffic school. (It could mean, for example, "Traffic School Review".) The clerk will know for sure.

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    Default Re: What Does TSR Mean

    so i need to go to court directly and ask them why my case is on Review? ( ?

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    Default Re: What Does TSR Mean

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    so i need to go to court directly and ask them why my case is on Review? ( ?
    If the "R" in TSR means "Review" that would suggest that on that date (if it were a future date), your file will be reviewed to see if you completed and submitted the required traffic school certificate!

    It might also mean that on 6/19/2008, you completed and fulfilled the Traffic School Requirement. However, if this was the case, I can tell you that the notation after "Case Status" should say "Dismissed" instead of "Prior". Furthermore, I know for a fact that "Prior" does in fact mean that the citation went on both, your public record (the one which can be seen by your insurance) as well as you private DMV record as a conviction.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, the notation after "Disposition" should say "Traffic School" or something to that effect.

    I would first contact the school and request confirmation that you did in fact properly complete the required court ordered traffic school and that they did in fact submit the required proof to the court in a timely manner.

    Then, I would contact the court to inquire as to when that proof was received if ever.

    It could be a simple clerical error but if it is costing you more money in higher insurance premiums then it should not have happened but more importantly, it should be remedied IMMEDIATELY.

    Point is, I'm not sure how many words that begin with "R" one can come up with that would suggest a possible meaning. But to save some, effort, time and apparently a lot of nerves and money on your part, I would calll the court and ask them what the "R" in TSR means and why was the citation reported to the DMV as a conviction.

    Please update us on what transpires.

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