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    Default Got a Fellony Battery Dv in 97 Can I Get It Off or Sealed Only Time Ever in Trouble

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Wisconsin over 12yrs ago 1st offence any help please

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    Default Trying to Get a Felony Dropped, Lowered or Erased

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Wisconsin I found my now ex girl in bed with then best friend we all had a big fight and i got charged with fellony sub battery 90 days in jail and 2yr stayed sentence with 2yrs probation anger management.I was wrong but should i be punished for life.That was my only time ever in trouble its hard to find honest work need advice and help.

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    Default Re: Got a Fellony Battery Dv in 97 Can I Get It Off or Sealed Only Time Ever in Troub

    According to the Wisconsin Courts,
    Quote Quoting I don't want my criminal case on WCCA. How can I get it removed?You probably can't. Wisconsin law allows a judge to "expunge" a case in only two situations, both involving youthful offenders:

    Misdemeanors committed by a person under 21. If the judge ordered expunction upon successful completion of the sentence, the record can be expunged. See 973.015, Wis. Stats.

    Adjudication of a juvenile delinquent. A juvenile who has been adjudged delinquent can, upon reaching age 17, petition the judge for expunction of the juvenile adjudication. See 938.355, Wis. Stats. However, WCCA does not display juvenile adjudications because they are not public records.[/indent]
    An expunged case is sealed by the clerk of court and is available to be viewed only with a court order. If the judge properly orders a case expunged, any reference to it will be removed from WCCA. A judge has no other authority or power to expunge cases, and there are no similar provisions for other types of cases.
    Executive clemency (a pardon) won't erase your record, even if granted. Trying to reopen a case a dozen years after conviction is very much a long shot. If you wish to try, I suggest consulting a lawyer who specializes in post-conviction matters.

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