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    Question What Are the Eviction Rules for the State of Indiana

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Indiana

    We recieved an eviction notice on Saturday April 21, 2009. It told us that we had to be out by wednesday. We have 3 children and would like to know if the law is 30 days to evict. We have had some issues with this landlord and he would not accept our rent money. We don't know what the problem was with him. But just wanted to know the laws as far as that goes.

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    Default Re: What Are the Eviction Rules for the State of Indiana

    A 3 day notice is the first step in the eviction process. If you fail to vacate by Wednesday, the landlord will go to the court and file formal eviction papers. These papers will be sent/served to you within a week. It will list a court date. Make sure you go to the court and present your side of the story.

    The 30 days you speak of does not apply to eviction cases....that type of notice is only used in a notice to terminate a tenancy in good standing.

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