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    Default Visitation With a Restraining Order

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of Oregon.

    Husband & Wife have a very young minor child.
    Husband physically abuses wife.
    Wife files for a restraining order but hasn't given thought to visitation.

    At the temporary restraining order hearing an order is granted, wife is given custody, and wife comes up with a visitation schedule on the spot.

    The situation is that Wife doesn't like the visitation schedule and wants to ask for different days for each to have the child. She has a hearing coming up to contest the restraining order and wants to know if she can just show up and ask for a different set of days or if she needs to file some sort of motion beforehand.

    Neither party has filed for divorce yet, but probably will soon.

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    Default Re: Visitation & Restraining Order

    She should consult a lawyer.

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