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    Unhappy How Do I Oppose Child Support Filing

    My question involves child support in the State of: California
    How do I oppose a child support filing?
    My x wife has just re-opened a case on me after just closing the last child support case 4 months ago. I am up to date with my arrears child support and totally disagree with her opening up this case again. How can I stop this from happening? I have tried to talk to her so we can reach a mutual agreement but no luck. On the divorce papers recently signed it says that we have a verbal agrreement with our son and that nothing is court ordered. Can she go back and change that? Help please

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    Default Re: How Do I Oppose Child Support Filing

    Yes, she can. She can at any point file for child support until the child is 18. Even if you all have an out of court agreement not to.

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    Default Re: How Do I Oppose Child Support Filing

    And you can safely assume that the courts might just terminate to verbal agreement in favor of a written one order by the courts and supervised by the friend of the court, especially if the original agreement has been breached again.

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    Default Re: How Do I Oppose Child Support Filing

    Mikey, CA doesn't have a Friend of the Court... however, Neal is absolutely correct (and so are you re: the verbal agreement).
    If you wanted babies all to yourself, you should have created them by yourself. Until you do that, children have the right to BOTH parents, especially since you found them suitable to procreate with.

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