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    Default F1-Visa Holder Married a Permanent Resident

    i am a F-1 visa holder, in status. i recently married my girlfriends who is a Permanent Resident. My question is, would i get a green card and-or work authorization?, how can i do that? what are the steps? how long will it take?


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    Default Re: F1-Visa Holder Married a Permanent Resident

    Your wife has some forms to file on your behalf.

    First, read here.

    Form I-130 and Form I-864.

    If your F1 expires before your petition is approved, you will be expected to return to your country of origin to await approval, or you'll face deportation.

    If your wife becomes a US citizen prior to expiration of your F1, she may upgrade your status and you may file form I-485 to adjust your status and remain here while your petition is being processed. You may not work without authorization, and you will not be granted authorization to work until after your petition is approved.
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