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    Default How Long Can the IRS Hold a Lien Against Your Property For Back Taxes

    I live in North Carolina and I understand the IRS can only have a lien against your property for back taxes for 7 years? Is this true? I owed taxes in 2002, the IRS put a lien against my house in 2004. If the 7 year policy IS true, does the lien end in 7 years from 2002 or 7 years from 2004?

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    Default Re: How Long Can the IRS Hold a Lien Against Your Property For Back Taxes

    an IRS (federal, right?) lien is good for 10 years from the time of the assessment. I am assuming they determined the assessment in 04 so that would mean the lien is good until after 14. A lien can be extended for a couple reasons. Don;t know if they apply to you or not.

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