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    Default What if I Just Don't Pay My Medical Bills

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: WI

    I have 17,000 in unpaid medical bills in WI. I was screwed by the hospital. They were sneaky rats. What happens if I just don't pay them? My credit is already screwed. Can they garnish my wages? Will they really come and reposses my personal property? My home?

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    Default Re: What if I Just Don't Pay My Medical Bills

    If they get a judgement against you, yes, they can seize bank accounts, garnish wages, and put a lein on your home (meaning that you can't sell it or borrow against it's value without them taking their part off the top). They're not likely to be interested in your personal property unless you've got valuable real estate (which they'd lein) or some pretty valuable assets that they could easily locate (you'd probably have to kiss your Porshe collection goodbye if you had one).

    A better option, since you are of the opinion that they "screwed you", is to try to work with either the hospital directly or with a non-profit consumer credit counselor in your area who may be able to negotiate - either by getting them to remove disputed billing items, or working out payment terms, or both. Use a non-profit program and be very careful that you don't fall for the expensive and ineffective services of a "professional debt reducer".
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    Default Re: What if I Just Don't Pay My Medical Bills

    Agree, you really need to see if you can't work something out with the hosp. before they do end up suing you & getting a judgment against you.
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