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    Default HIV in Prison

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: ohio

    i was wondering what if any safety there is for people with hiv in prison. i know it seems like a dumb question but is there any seperate confinement for people with hiv to keep them from giving it to others?

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    This warrant out for your arrest really has you spooked, doesn't it?

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    Default Re: HIV in Prison

    To my knowledge as an inmate's wife, there isn't any separation of people with HIV just like there is no separation for transexuals

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    Many people in prison have diseases such as HIV, AIDS, chronic Hep C, etc. It would be quite difficult to seperate them.

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    Default Re: HIV in Prison

    A person with HIV will go into general population.

    The only exception to this would be if they where ill and needed to be in a prison hospital, bad behavior would send them to the "hole" etc. HIV alone will not keep them out of general population as Gigirle stated.
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