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    Unhappy Declaration of Incompetence

    My husband and I have had to move mother in with us do to alzheimer's disease. I am my mother in-laws caregiver. Her mental incompetence is becoming a problem. I am on her checking account, and in charge of paying all of her bills. Our biggest problem however is her house. She isn't able to take care of anything regarding her house. We would like to be able to rent her house out for supplemental income, since I can no longer work outside the home. We only have a limited power of attorney and she will not even let us have control of that. She keeps accusing us of trying to steal her things. If we have her declared incompetent, will it let us have control of her house and finances? Help!!!!!!!!!!! This is making me crazy.

    Cntrylvr Washington State

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    Default Re: Declaration of Incompetence

    Yes, if you get a conservatorship, unless otherwise limited by the court you would be able to control her finances and the disposition of her house.

    I recommend consulting a lawyer, though, for advice on Medicare/Medicaid issues and long-term care expenses, so you can avoid making any mistakes that trigger spend-down rules.

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