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    Default Name on Title Misspelled

    I suspect that the car dealership misspelled my name on my car title.
    My question:
    Say your legal name is for example, John Doe, and all legal docs(driver's license etc. except car title) match this name spelling, but the name on your car title displays Jon Doe as the owner of the car. Should I have to submit a corrected title to the state because of a single letter misspelling? Is this something the police would cite me for?

    John from Illinois

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    Default Re: Name on Title Misspelled

    I don't think it's any big deal at all. I feel sure that if you take it to the DMV, they will send you a corrected title at no fee. I had a similar situation with a VIN on one of my motorcycles (a "S" was incorrectly recorded as a "5"). I imagine things like that happen often and probably many times they go unnoticed.

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    Default Re: Name on Title Misspelled

    Thanks. I'll try that.

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