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    Default 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of New Hampshire:
    my name is sarah, i live in the state of New Hampshire, i am 16 years old. i used to live in massachusetts with my mother but her and my father are both unstable parents they are highly into drugs and alcohol. i just moved from my moms two years ago and i am now living with my aunt and uncle. i cant stand it here i have to ask to even go outside in my own backyard. i cant live my life how i wanted to before and i would like to move in with my long term best friend and his family and start life over. i know his mother would be able to support me as a parent, and i dont want to live being unhappy anymore than i already have. i would also like to add that my aunt and uncle are never home, and most of the time im not even sure whether im going to need to make my own dinner. i rely on myself most of the time by doing my own laundry, cleaning, im very organized, and i know as a teenager i do more for myself than i should at my age.

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    Emancipation is about being self supportive, not about getting a court to let you shack up with your boyfriend.

    What do you mean when you say that you do more for yourself than you "should" at your age?

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    um actually i never wrote in there that hes my boyfriend.
    and i do everything because theyre never home

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    NH has no statute for emancipation

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    um i actually never wrote in there that hes my boyfriend so i dont understand why your assuming that hes my bestfriend that just so happens to be a guy, i came here for your help not your attitude.
    And i mean i do everything on my own because my aunt is never home instead of doing the normal things she should be doing like cleaning the house, doing laundry, dishes, and cleaninng up after herself she eats and leaves her mess behind for my sisters and i to clean. if we dont clean the house her and my uncle come home screaming and yelling about how lazy we are and how we never do anything, its rediculious. Instead of cleaning she stays down at the beach with my uncle and their friend Keith drinking and coming home late at night. Im struggling alot of stress that i cant handle by living here and i need to get out before i snap. theres much more that i dont feel comfortable sharing and i just need to know more about what im dealing with before i can say anymore.

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    NH doesn't have an emancipation statute.

    Chores are not illegal.

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    Default Re: 16 Year Old Emancipation Law

    Emancipation isn't available as an option in your state, and even if it was, there's no indication in your post that you have a superb track history of earning enough money to convince a court that you (and you alone) could completely support yourself and pay ALL of your own expenses (rent, utilities, health insurance, food, transportation, etc.) WHILE at the same time keeping up your grades until high school graduation. Emancipation isn't about leaving a bad situation, it's about proving that you already have a track record of supporting yourself and have a good chance at being able to continue to do so.

    If you're miserable at home, your options are to wait it out until you hit 18 and can legally leave, or, if you have some other person willing to be your legal guardian (and with some REALLY good reasons why living with family is not good for you) they can petition your local probate court for a change in guardianship. However, if your family fights it your odds aren't good, and if the misery hangs on life being unfair and you having to do too much around the house, your odds are zero.
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