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    Default What Can I Do if My Lawyer is Not Responding

    My question involves divorce in the State of: Oklahoma

    To make a long story short.. I am going through a divorce & my lawyer is also an RN who has been going through a hard time. She took care of her mom that passed away a few months ago & now I find out that she is taking care of her father.

    The problem is that my soon to be ex is pushing the divorce & thinks I am stalling now when in reality I have given all the info to my lawyer but she hasn't called me. I noticed a "motion to comply discovery responses" on the OCIS site, which not sure what the means.

    I don't know what else to do. I have agreed to meet her, but she never does. To be honest I haven't met with her since the original papers filed in 2004. I have advised her that she is able to call me any time and day of the week but nothing. At the beginning of the year she would call me but now I have left messages and just yesterday about giving my case to one of the other attorney's that work in the office she shares, but still nothing. What else can I do?? I want to get this over with already.

    --Sorry if I ramble a little I am just so frustrated.

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    Default Re: What Can I Do if My Lawyer is Not Responding

    Find another attorney.

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    Default Re: What Can I Do if My Lawyer is Not Responding

    Would I get some of my retainer back?

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