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    Default Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed

    My question involves a speeding ticket from the State of: Wisconsin.

    Time: 8:50pm

    Location: 4 lane with median US Highway

    Weather: just beginning Light snow/rain

    Manuveur warranting Police intervention: Passed a Semi traveling at least 5 MPH under speed limit while traveling speed limit.
    How it happened: After I passed the semi, i noticed a car (not previously there) close behind me so I merged over to the right. Turns out it was a cop and I was pulled over.

    Officer interaction: When asked if I knew how fast I was going, I replied that I didn't recall my exact speed but knew I wasn't speeding. He TOLD me I was going "74-75 MPH". He also added that the weather was bad (light snow in wisconsin bad???) and that he hated getting out of his car because of the weather. (Not the EXACT words, but the gist of it). He took my license, went back into his car, and came back with a ticket. The violation was for unreasonable and imprudent speeding. $200!!! He did NOT list the 74-75 MPH he told me anywhere on the citation. He also said he purposely put the initial court date for feb 4, so it would be "after the Holidays"

    My plan of action: FIght it. I want to get his police report of the incident, since I did not see where he was initially located, and whether he used a radar gun on me. I don't believe he used one, but would like to just incase. I also have a copy of the road condition of the highway at that time published by the wisconsin DOT and a weather report by

    Questions I have: Is it worth it to fight this? I honestly DID NOT SPEED and $200 is alot, it's about the same as 10 MPH over. I wondered why he didn't give me just the speeding ticket, maybe he figured it would be easier to disprove a speeding ticket? Would HIS evaluation of the road conditions (not bad at all) be enough to convict me? What else would I need to "prove" my innocence. The term "Innocent until proven guilty" never works when it's your word against the cops. Also, I DO NOT want the charges reduced, I want them dropped (bogus citation). Finally, Am I going to need a lawyer or is this something I can do myself. I WILL PAY a lawyer, but don't think it is neccesarry. Let me know otherwise.

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    Default Re: Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed

    Just because we have a constitutionally protected right to represent ourselves in court, doesn't mean we should. An attorney is very helpful, even if all he can do is get your case heard and wrapped up in half an hour instead all day at the courthouse.

    How did the officer determine your speed?
    I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!
    Caution: I bite. WARNING: Do not send questions or complaints by PM. I'm likely to post them publicly and embarrass you half to death.
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    Default Re: Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed

    He didn't tell me HOW he clocked me, he just told me I was going that fast. I plan to get his police report to see how he recorded my speed

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    Default Re: Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed

    the same thing happened to me just this morning...the officer told me that they have training in speed estimation and thats how you would've gotten that citation. with my case i was speeding but only like 10-15 over. i am a minor and sick trying to get home to go to the emergency room. i think that this is ridiculous and my dad is gonna fight this out. i hope yours turns out ok too.

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